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Be a woman who is the same in honour or disgrace, and has the same love for enemies or friends. Be a woman who surrenders all selfish undertakings, this woman illuminates the whole world with her endurances.
- Dr Shantala Rudresh
Homeopathy has holistic approach treats the diseased individual and restores the harmonious functions of body, mind and intellect. Women can get benefited from this wonderful system of medicine be it a cold or cancer can be successfully treated.
- Dr Shantala Rudresh

Experience the joy of good health through homoeopathy

In the hands of an experienced homeopathic doctor, homeopathy has great healing power. This medical treatment acts deeply upon our minds and bodies. When used with precision, this depth of action translates into healing that can change your life.

Homeopathy is the art and science of healing by safe, gentle, and natural methods.  The word is coined from the Greek word ‘homoios’ meaning like or similar and ‘pathos’ meaning suffering.  It works on the principle of ' similia similibus curentur’ (Let like be cured by like) which means that anything that will cause a disease in a healthy person when given in large doses, will also cure when treated with micro doses of potentized homeopathic medicines made from the same substance.  This substance will help to stimulate the body’s own healing power to fight the illness.  This concept has been known since Hippocrates in 450 BC, and has been further developed down the ages until full scientific examination was undertaken by a German allopathic physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the Eighteenth Century.